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Le Parfait Glass Jam Jar Fait Maison For Homemade Jam - 645ml

Le Parfait

  • $ 750

Traditional styling and thoughtful, practical details make these jars a top choice for homemade treats. Clear, heavy glass shows off contents, and the faceted design provides easy handling. Twist off lids are labeled "Homemade".

  • Made of glass with one-piece metal lid
  • Classic faceted design for easy handling


Give jams, jellies and preserves a stylish look by using French jam jars made by the iconic Le Parfait canning jar company. Le Parfait means 'The Perfect' (one) and we have to agree because these clear glass jars are not only attractive, the embossed lettering and faceted sides make them very easy to grasp and they look pretty on the breakfast table.

  • Charming and classic tempered-glass jar for your jams and jellies.
  • Jar has the raised lettering of the famous French Le Parfait canning jar brand.
  • SInce this is not a two-part lid, use these jars and lids only for canning high-acid foods like jams, jellies, and preserves.
  • Screw-on lid in light blue and white says "Home Made" on the top and "Fait Maison" (means handmade in French) on opposing sides of the lid.


  • Dishwasher Safe

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